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Robert E Kelly is an associate professor of international relations in the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Pusan National University. More of his work may be found at his website,

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2017/07/07 | Robert E Kelly
The Tragedy of Otto Warmbier
Given Warmbier’s obvious innocence — his youth, his deeply disturbing post-arrest press conference, his political nature — his death has had a greater impact than most North Korean hostage and abductee stories.
2016/12/19 | Robert E Kelly
Northeast Asia: Five Big Security Shifts in 2016
It's time to look back on the biggest stories in the always tense Northeast Asia region.
2016/11/08 | Robert E Kelly
Donald Trump: Straight from Plato's Nightmares
'This is the closest the U.S. has ever come to electing a Mussolini figure, and it is terrifying.'
2016/10/11 | Robert E Kelly
What the US Pivot to Asia will Look Like After the Election
Americans care far more about Mexican immigration or ISIS than the they do about China, no matter what the statistics say about Asia's geopolitical weight.
2016/08/21 | Robert E Kelly
North Korea: A Realistic Path to Regime Change
North Korea cannot survive on its own; it has always required a foreign patron. This is a weakness that can be exploited.