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Rik Glauert

Rik Glauert

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Rik Glauert is a freelance journalist and student based in Taipei. He specializes in politics and human rights and has previously reported from China, Hong Kong, and Myanmar.


Adultery No Longer Criminal Offense in Taiwan

Rik Glauert

Until the ruling today, Taiwan had been the last country in East Asia with criminal adultery laws.


Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Law Left Some Couples Behind, A Year Later

Rik Glauert

As Taiwan’s LGBT community celebrates the anniversary of same-sex marriage legalization, adoption rights and transnational marriages remain on the agenda.

台灣同志遊行登場 主軸同志好厝邊

Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Law Yet to Fulfill Marriage Equality

Rik Glauert

Although Taiwan has legalized same-sex marriage in May, transnational couples are still fighting for marriage equality.


Challenges Ahead as Japan Follows Taiwan’s Path to Marriage Equality

Rik Glauert

Japanese LGBT activists are looking to Taiwan as a successful example of granting same-sex couples the right to marry, but Japan has to first deal with its conservative politics and society.


Taiwan’s Newlywed Same-Sex Couples Prepare for Landmark Pride Parade

Rik Glauert

It’s been 5 months since Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage. Where are the married couples now?

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