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Peter Wood is the Editor of China Brief. You can follow him on Twitter @PeterWood_PDW

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2018/02/23 | Peter Wood
China's One Child Policy Is Gone, but Aging Concerns Remain
China sees its looming population crisis as the end of the window to accomplish important national goals.
2017/12/26 | Peter Wood
China Is About to Get Hit with a Winter Energy Crisis
The attempts to transition from coal to gas appears to have failed and are the root cause of the current gas shortfall.
2017/04/25 | Peter Wood
Philippines Choose Chinese Investment Over Territorial Defense
Duterte’s acceptance of Chinese investment in exchange for not challenging territorial claims has important security implications for the rest of Southeast Asia.
2017/03/21 | Peter Wood
Snapshot: China’s Eastern Theater Command
Despite the many changes that China’s military strategy has undergone, it is unlikely that the Eastern strategic direction will lose importance anytime soon.
2017/03/07 | Peter Wood
Food Security and Chinese 'Comprehensive National Security'
The role of Chinese food security policy in its broader national security concept deserves greater attention.
2017/02/08 | Peter Wood
Chinese Acquisitions Undercut Taiwan, US Semiconductor Industry Edge
Taiwan’s position as a keystone of the global supply of semiconductors is strong, but rapidly eroding.
2016/12/07 | Peter Wood
Propaganda and Progress in China's Military Reforms
China is attempting to resolve a number of issues that remain in terms of military coordination between disparate regions and between military services.