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2017/07/05 | Nina Huang

Why China’s Overseas Academics Loath to Return Home

With more favorable advancement opportunities at Western universities, China must re-evaluate how it plans to bring its best and brightest back.

2017/02/10 | Nina Huang

The Shallow, Implausible Women Flooding Chinese TV Dramas

Why are legions of poorly rendered female protagonists leaping from fan fiction onto screens?

2016/11/17 | Nina Huang

Why Localization Is Essential for Chinese Fashion to Go Global

The case of Taoray Wang shows how a lack of foreign market expertise can hinder the growth of designer brands in China.

2016/10/14 | Nina Huang

‘Masculine Women’ Bridge Urban-Rural Divide in China

Does an Internet term that is blind to class mean that attitudes toward women in China are becoming more progressive?