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2017/09/10 | Ni Dandan
Chinese Video Sharing Platform Stars Bypass China’s Fame Machine
The video-sharing platform gives rise to fan-made celebrities and a growing offline Anime, Comic and Games (ACG) community.
2017/08/20 | Ni Dandan
Can Tax Breaks Boost Private Health Insurance in China?
National tax incentives have produced a surge in inquiries, but eligible policies hold little appeal for most individuals.
2017/04/17 | Ni Dandan
Chinese Men Find Beauty Under the Knife
More men are turning to cosmetic surgery and treatments in pursuit of boyish glamor.
2017/04/13 | Ni Dandan
China’s Second-Largest Ride-Hailing App Hits Trouble
Drivers report that they cannot withdraw money from the company, which is down to less than 4 percent market share.
2017/03/27 | Ni Dandan
China’s Child Models Trade Childhood for Livelihood
As the country’s online fashion industry booms, parents are choosing photography studios over kindergartens for their children.
2016/11/02 | Ni Dandan
One Year Later: Two-Child Policy Fills Maternity Wards in China
Many Chinese women 35 and older are choosing to have a second child.
2016/08/24 | Ni Dandan
Bike-Share Schemes Test Shanghai’s Ethics
Start-ups enjoy widespread use, but can’t always keep track of their bicycles.
2016/08/22 | Ni Dandan
HIV-Positive Gay Men Find Little Support in China
As the population of rural men with HIV grows, treatment remains woefully inadequate.