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Hosted by the Australian National University’s (ANU) Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, New Mandala provides anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on Southeast Asia. The site was established in June 2006, with co-founder Dr Nicholas Farrelly editing and running the site until 2015. In May that year, James Giggacher was appointed as editor. Since April 2017, the editor of the site has been Liam Gammon, assisted by associate editor Mish Khan. Since its inception the site has devoted its attention to the politics and societies of Southeast Asia, and especially Thailand and Myanmar. Increasingly its focus stretches to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. New Mandala also runs a successful book review series.

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2018/05/08 | New Mandala

ANALYSIS: Islam and Identity Politics in Malaysia and Indonesia

Politicians in Malaysia must tread a careful line when stoking religious fervor, Meredith Weiss argues.

2018/05/08 | New Mandala

Communism, Cartography and the Creation of Thai Identity

Kengkij Kitirianglarp's book examines the role of anthropology and secret maps in the creation of modern Thailand.

2018/05/04 | New Mandala

ANALYSIS: Chinese Malaysians and the Politics of Endless Division

The influential yet marginalized minority struggles to hold any sway in the upcoming election, but this could soon change.

2018/04/27 | New Mandala

OPINION: Rampant Inequality Muddles Elections in Malaysia

Malaysia's ethnic, economic and cultural divides are holding back any common vision for the future as the country struggles to bridge gaping inequality.

2018/04/14 | New Mandala

OPINION: Social Media is Running Roughshod over Rural Malaysian Politics

Technological change is reshaping traditional political loyalties in Malaysia.

2018/04/13 | New Mandala

OPINION: Malaysia's Fake News Law Will Be a Political Sledgehammer

The new law may be wielded unfairly against the state's critics.

2018/04/04 | New Mandala

Ancient Asian Cities May Hold the Key to Resisting Climate Change

While there is much talk of futuristic sci-fi solutions to climate change, there is no talk of the past.

2018/03/31 | New Mandala

The Next Election Will 'Change the Malaysian Narrative'

A panel discusses the future of Malaysia -- massive changes are underway, but the public remains unenthused about upcoming elections.

2018/03/27 | New Mandala

The World's Neglect Continues to Haunt Cambodia

The world’s feeble response to the bloody events of 1997 directly influences the situation we see today in Cambodia.