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Mo Tz-pin is a staff writer for The News Lens International.

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2017/02/14 | Mo Tz-pin

Valentine's Day: 'Crush this Love Capitalism'

'Religious overtones have been twisted and turned into a vehicle to make money.'

2016/09/02 | Mo Tz-pin

Mixed Reactions to Taiwan’s New Top China Negotiator

The Tsai administration has appointed a new head for the Straits Exchange Foundation in hopes for improving cross-Strait exchange.

2016/09/19 | Mo Tz-pin

Ten Questions: Embrace Audio Lab

A thumb-sized audio booster might be all you need to enjoy the audio quality of a home theater system.

2016/11/13 | Mo Tz-pin

Taiwan Finally Gets Behind Booming ESports Industry

How is Taiwan responding to the fast growing industry of competitive gaming?

2016/09/29 | Mo Tz-pin

Apple Locks In Beijing R&D Center: Reports

Despite a ban on some of its products, Apple continues to build its presence in China.

2016/12/19 | Mo Tz-pin

South China Watch No.11

An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.

2016/10/06 | Mo Tz-pin

Film Festival Highlights Debate over Death Penalty in Taiwan

A group opposed to capital punishment hopes to raise awareness on the controversial issue through films and after-screening discussions.

2016/11/17 | Mo Tz-pin

Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong Courts Rubio, Pelosi in Washington

Anti-Beijing activist Joshua Wong is in Washington trying to build support for self-determination for Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government has told foreign countries not to interfere.

2016/10/13 | Mo Tz-pin

Student Sentenced to 10 Months in Jail for Killing Cats in Taiwan

Commentators are calling for tougher penalties due to disappointment in the Court's decision.

2016/10/27 | Mo Tz-pin

Aboriginal Group Calls on Government to Pardon Convicted Hunter

It has been three years since Tama Talum was arrested for illegal hunting. His fight continues.

2017/02/17 | Mo Tz-pin

North Korean Assassination Sends Waves Around the World

What does the death of Kim Jong-un’s big brother mean to North Korea, China and the US?

2016/09/26 | Mo Tz-pin

Taiwanese Legislator Denied Entry Into Hong Kong, Third Since August

Legislators say China’s growing influence on Hong Kong is behind the city's immigration authority's denial of their visa applications.

2016/09/12 | Mo Tz-pin

Startup Conference Helps Fight Fear of Failure

‘What is stopping people from launching startups is not failure, but the fear of failing.’

2016/08/11 | Mo Tz-pin

Ten Questions: Smartcasual

The News Lens International’s 'Ten Questions' series takes a closer look at the budding start-up scene in Taiwan and further afield.

2016/11/16 | Mo Tz-pin

10 Questions: WeMo Scooter

Eco-friendly scooters are planning to take on the crowded and polluted streets of Taipei.