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Mo Tz-pin is a staff writer for The News Lens International.

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2016/09/19 | Mo Tz-pin

Murder in Chapel Prompts South Korea to Rethink Chinese Tourism

Chinese tourism has been a boon for the South Korean economy, but a rise in violent crime has some worried.

2016/11/08 | Mo Tz-pin

Beijing's Heavy Hand Draws Hong Kong Lawyers to the Street in Protest

Enough is enough: The Hong Kong Bar Association has slammed Beijing's interference as doing more harm than good.

2016/12/05 | Mo Tz-pin

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Today’s biggest stories from around Taiwan.

2016/09/01 | Mo Tz-pin

Obama-Xi To Discuss Cross-Strait Issues Before G20 Summit

Although Taiwan will not be the main topic of discussion between presidents Xi and Obama, the question of stability in the Taiwan Strait is expected to be raised.

2016/12/01 | Mo Tz-pin

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Today’s biggest stories from China.

2016/08/15 | Mo Tz-pin

Taiwan University Fined NT$1 Million for Expelling HIV-Positive Student

In what is considered a landmark case for Taiwan, a university has been fined for expelling an HIV-positive student in 2013.

2016/12/22 | Mo Tz-pin

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The biggest stories around Taiwan today.

2016/09/05 | Mo Tz-pin

Questions Raised on U.S. Stance on Cross-Strait Relations

The U.S. and China seem to have different explanations regarding Obama’s response on cross-Strait relations during the recent Obama-Xi meeting.

2016/12/12 | Mo Tz-pin

South China Sea Watch No. 10

An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.

2016/11/28 | Mo Tz-pin

South China Sea Watch No. 9

An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.

2016/09/05 | Mo Tz-pin

Protesters Pressure Tsai on Land Expropriation

The groups are requesting re-evaluations and amendments to policies and laws that might affect residential rights including the Urban Planning Law, Land Expropriation Act and the Urban Renewal Act.

2016/10/24 | Mo Tz-pin

Hong Kongers OK with Better Rights for LGBT Couples: Study

The LGBT community in Hong Kong could gain momentum from the positive results of a new study.

2016/10/03 | Mo Tz-pin

Taiwan Talk Shows Blamed for Dearth of Political Talent

Are mainstream political television chat shows deterring talented Taiwanese from getting involved with politics? UDN believes that is the case.

2016/10/24 | Mo Tz-pin

Taiwanese Star Fired from Chinese Movie for 'Separatism'

Another day, another Taiwanese artist barred from performing in China.