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Michael Clarke is Associate Professor at the National Security College, The Australian National University.

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2017/11/30 | Michael Clarke

China Tightens Grip in Xinjiang amid Belt and Road

Comprehensive control of 'stability' in Xinjiang has become a heightened strategic imperative with the launch of China's Belt and Road initiative.

2017/04/01 | Michael Clarke

Does China Have Itself to Blame for the Trans-Nationalisation of Uyghur Terrorism?

Uyghur terrorism is now a serious challenge for Beijing and may be a product of China’s own actions.

2017/02/24 | Michael Clarke

'Striking Hard’ with ‘Thunderous Power’: Beijing's Show of Force in Xinjiang

Beijing appears either unwilling or unable to perceive that its hard line in Xinjiang is providing fertile conditions for the extremism it so fears by providing an already marginalized ethnic minority population with motive and opportunity for the mobilization of political violence.