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Michael Beltran is an activist and musician from the Philippines.

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2017/03/02 | Michael Beltran
Who Started the Manila Fires? Black Out on Labor Rights (Part Two)
At the moment there have been no more statements. No sound from the employees or survivors. Not a peep on the workers unaccounted for. The latest from HTI is that the company is looking to hire more workers.
2017/02/22 | Michael Beltran
Who Started the Manila Fires? (Part One)
'Someone wanted them to happen, someone stands to profit, and hardly anybody is talking about it.'
2017/01/30 | Michael Beltran
Do We Need Miss Universe?
Miss Universe is more than just a beauty pageant to many in the Philippines.
2017/01/16 | Michael Beltran
'Are You Not Entertained?' Filipino Film Project Tackles Violence as Entertainment
Have we wanted this type of entertainment all along? Is our thirst for violent entertainment getting out of hand? Have we been betrayed by the television and internet media in the long run?
2016/12/30 | Michael Beltran
Shout-out to the Philippines: Make 2017 'The Year of the Boomerang’
'Just the other day I received my first death threat from a loyalist of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.' When the police come knocking at the doors of the people in 2017, the response might not be as friendly as those in power hope. We should be scared for 2017, but also up for the fight.
2016/12/23 | Michael Beltran
After a Killing: Losing a Brother in Duterte's 'War on Drugs'
He voted for Duterte. He voluntarily 'surrendered' himself to the local government. Three days later, he was shot at home.
2016/12/07 | Michael Beltran
Manila's Traffic Crisis: Does Duterte Really Need Emergency Powers?
Manila’s traffic crisis has been worsening every year. It is a daily strain for the riding public and has seen significant losses to economic productivity.
2016/11/30 | Michael Beltran
FEATURE: Portrait of a Filipino Artist in Captivity
Juan Paolo Verzosa, his wife and hundreds like them are being used as a bargaining chip for the state to gain the upper hand in ongoing peace negotiation in the Philippines.
2016/11/18 | Michael Beltran
Brown Man’s Burden: Breaking Away from American Dominion in the Philippines
Is the Philippines ready to separate from the U.S.? And how might Trump affect U.S.-Philippines relations?
2016/09/21 | Michael Beltran
Martial Law in the Philippines: An Enduring Horror Story
Decades have passed since Ferdinand Marcos' Martial Law, but the much of the Philippines still lives in terror.