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2018/06/07 | Mark Stocker

It’s Time For Taiwan’s Biggest Conglomerates to Ditch the Group Brand

More and more of Taiwan’s large domestic conglomerates are seeking growth overseas, but their insistence on the Group brand structure muddles their brand image.

2017/10/30 | Mark Stocker

Taiwan Must Own its Global Leadership in Recycling

Taiwan is second only to Germany when it comes to recycling, but the country and its ambassadors are too humble when it comes to marketing leadership in the sector.

2017/10/24 | Mark Stocker

Taiwan's Missed Opportunity to Lead World in Textiles

Taiwan is an engine of global sportswear and textile innovation, providing much of the knowhow that goes into garments and equipment made by companies like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. Yet few people know of Taiwan's contribution to their clothes, and the country must do more to cultivate its brand image with end consumers.

2017/03/23 | Mark Stocker

Taiwan’s International Sporting Goods Show Missing A Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity?

While TaiSPO was once the go-to show for sports equipment buyers from around the globe, a repositioning is needed to deliver a new generation of meaningful growth for the industry.

2017/03/21 | Mark Stocker

OPINION: Could Professional Cycling Help Taiwan Build A Globally Recognizable National Identity?

Taiwan’s national identity would receive a big boost from association with professional cycling, but China looks increasingly likely to be the first-mover.

2016/12/23 | Mark Stocker

How a Lack of Global Thinking Doomed Taipei’s World Design Capital

World Design Capital Taipei 2016 should have put Taipei on the global design map. Where did the Taipei City Government go so wrong?

2016/09/30 | Mark Stocker

OP-ED: Is Corporate Stalemate Killing Taiwan’s Future?

Without addressing the virus of high 'power distance,' Taiwanese firms will be unsuccessful in their transition to new business models with higher growth and higher margins.

2016/09/12 | Mark Stocker

OP-ED: Does Taiwan Know What It Wants to be When It Grows Up?

'If we, as citizens of this nation do not actively support the value that is being created by companies and individuals here in Taiwan, we won’t realize a better future.'

2016/06/24 | Mark Stocker

Forget Products, Taiwan’s Future is in Engineering Services

Why aren’t Taiwanese firms trying to capture their full value by charging for their design and production engineering services?