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Michael Reilly is a Senior Fellow of the CPI and currently a Visiting Fellow in the Institute of European and American Studies at Academia Sinica in Taipei under the auspices of the Taiwan Fellowship program. From 2005 – 2009 he was Director of the British Office in Taiwan.

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2017/11/29 | Michael Reilly

Reforming Taiwan's Economy Is Key to Boosting EU Trade

The prospect of an investment agreement with the EU to galvanize Taiwan to put its own economic house in order.

2017/03/29 | Michael Reilly

Confucianism, Morality and Chinese Diplomacy

Without a moral underpinning to its actions, China will struggle to build influence where it most needs it.

2017/03/02 | Michael Reilly

BREXIT, China and the Prospects for an FTA

Would an FTA between the UK and China make any significant difference to existing trade patterns?

2016/08/30 | Michael Reilly

Taiwan and the Catholic Church

Taiwan’s relationship with the Catholic church, while good, can hardly be described as strong.