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2018/01/19 | Lu Hongyong

When Viral Turns Toxic: The Dark Side of Online Marketing in China

China is often hailed as a social media marketing trailblazer but under the surface of the success roils fertile ground for scammers and fake news.

2017/09/29 | Lu Hongyong

The Tech Tycoon Changing China’s Trucking Industry

In the face of staunch and sometimes violent opposition, Dai Wenjian’s app is dragging China’s inefficient logistics business into the 21st century.

2017/09/09 | Lu Hongyong

The People Behind China State Media’s Viral Videos

The recent BRICS summit has given government mouthpiece Xinhua a chance to launch its latest charm offensive.

2017/08/02 | Lu Hongyong

Education Charity in China Struggles to Soar Amid Rural Brain Drain

The Adream Foundation serves 3 million underprivileged students but is hampered by top teaching talent fleeing to cities.

2017/07/28 | Lu Hongyong

Charity Bringing Cutting-Edge Education to China’s Deprived

In the country’s hinterland, the Adream Foundation is helping rural schoolchildren study their way out of poverty.

2017/06/06 | Lu Hongyong

Why Shared Umbrellas Are Hardly Taking China By Storm

Fairweather investors and ill-considered business models are putting a damper on the industry’s future growth.

2017/01/26 | Lu Hongyong

Why A Crackdown on Private Tutoring Will Benefit Students

My son’s school life has been dominated by stress, overwork, and anxiety to succeed — but new legislation may remedy the situation.

2016/10/21 | Lu Hongyong

Risky Business for China’s Window Cleaners

Inadequate training, lack of oversight, and outdated regulations are putting an entire industry at risk.