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2017/06/22 | Li You

Navigating the Muddy Waters of China’s Cadmium Rice Paddies

The government is spending millions on cleaning up polluted soil, but progress is slow in the country’s rice heartland.

2016/12/02 | Li You

China Drafts New Wind Power Plan

The government hopes to invest 700 billion yuan in renewable energy by 2020.

2016/09/05 | Li You

Comic Cuts to Core of China’s Women Trafficking Crisis

The new online series ‘Raging Radish’ offers an antidote to the romanticization of trafficking victims’ lives in the countryside.

2017/12/26 | Li You

Nomadic Lifestyles Erode as Xinjiang Grows Warmer

Pastoralists' tradition of winter migration threatened by lack of snowfall and a resettlement policy.

2016/10/05 | Li You

Eat, Pray, Escape: Reality TV for Leftover Women

An upcoming show that seeks to set unmarried women free from social pressure encounters some resistance.