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Khaw Chia Hui is a journalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a keen interest on politics, science and technology.

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2018/09/06 | Khaw Chia Hui
MALAYSIA: Right-Wing Media Stonewalls Dialogue After Heated History Forum
The UMNO-backed Utusan Malaysia branded a discussion of Malaysian textbooks as ‘communist.’ A speaker says she has received death and rape threats.
2018/05/16 | Khaw Chia Hui
MALAYSIA: Views from the Street on Our Political Future
Voters from all sides of the spectrum offer their views in the wake of Malaysia's historic election.
2018/05/11 | Khaw Chia Hui
Politics and Personality Keep Malaysia Spellbound as Mahathir Rules Again
Disbelief and trepidation linger after Mahathir's unprecedented general election victor.
2018/05/09 | Khaw Chia Hui
Najib vs Mahathir: Malaysia Hits the Polls
Malaysia is choosing its next prime minister, the culmination of a fierce campaign between two political veterans.
2018/04/30 | Khaw Chia Hui
PROFILE: Walking Tall in the Land of 'Seditious' Clowns
It will take more than a fine and the threat of jail time to end Fahmi Reza's fight for freedom of expression in Malaysia.