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Kevin Carrico is Lecturer in Chinese Studies in Macquarie University's Department of International Studies.

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2017/12/11 | Kevin Carrico

REVIEW: 'A System Apart' - How HK and Beijing Played for Time Post-97

Cartledge's book shows how escalating political clashes in Hong Kong have their roots in expectations China would soften over time.

2017/10/18 | Kevin Carrico

'Insignificant' CCP Congress Opens in Beijing

Although the perceived importance of this Congress is a rare instance of consensus between domestic and international China commentators, a counter-interpretation may be more revealing: nothing of actual significance will happen in Beijing this week.

2017/08/06 | Kevin Carrico

BOOK REVIEW: Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China’s Shadow

'Generation HK' is a welcome addition to the literature on contemporary Hong Kong.