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2017/12/04 | Kenrick Davis
Valkyries Disconnected: Chinese Authorities Pat Down Mobile Games for Violence, Obscenity
Ministry of Culture has 50 Chinese games in its crosshairs for content that’s 'harmful to social values.'
2017/09/19 | Kenrick Davis
Chinese Rap Breaking Free of Mandarin
While some dialect rappers regard their art as an avenue to fame and fortune, for others, it is a tool for promoting and protecting local language and culture.
2017/09/08 | Kenrick Davis
'Blondie of China' on the Future of Music
The Nova Heart frontwoman talks about commercialization, community and China’s music culture.
2017/09/01 | Kenrick Davis
Backstage With China’s Smooth-Talking Emcees
With booming voices and winning smiles, commercial event hosts chase fame and fortune in a shrinking offline industry.
2017/08/19 | Kenrick Davis
East Side Story Overshadowed as Chinese Opt for Western Musicals
In a boom year for foreign productions, makers of homegrown musicals struggle to draw audiences, investment, and talent.
2017/08/09 | Kenrick Davis
China’s Latest Marketing Craze: Impoverished African Children
Short videos of African kids advertising Chinese goods and services raise ethical and legal concerns.