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Keith Menconi is a Taipei-based freelance writer and the host of ICRT's weekly Taiwan news talk show, Taiwan This Week.

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2017/03/02 | Keith Menconi
Anti-Trump Expat Activism Gears Up in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan
'For the modern political gadfly armed with Skype and an internet connection, distance and geography are diminishing barriers to activism.'
2017/09/28 | Keith Menconi
Taiwan Bosses Face Succession Struggle
A host of Taiwanese companies are facing tough succession issues as their chief executives head into the twilight of their careers, forcing their leaders to confront mortality in the face of difficult questions from shareholders and family members.
2017/03/09 | Keith Menconi
Foreigners and Taiwanese Unite for Women’s Rights
'I think what makes this event special is that we’re actually uniting Taiwanese people and foreigners.'
2017/03/13 | Keith Menconi
Brothers Paid to Translate YouTube Silliness for Chinese Speakers
BC and Lowy on bringing English language YouTube silliness to a Chinese speaking audience.
2017/04/28 | Keith Menconi
INTERVIEW: A Taiwan Punk Tale
Joe Henley talks to Keith Menconi about his new book, 'Bu San Bu Si: A Taiwan Punk Tale.'
2017/02/01 | Keith Menconi
FEATURE: Vietnamese turn to Podcast to Break Mainstream Narrative
Meet the citizen journalists reshaping how the world and Vietnamese themselves see Vietnam.
2017/06/12 | Keith Menconi
INTERVIEW: The Young Taiwanese Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum
Spurning agricultural economics, Hauer Hsieh found success in turntables and YouTube videos.
2017/01/17 | Keith Menconi
INTERVIEW: Viral Video Blogger on Busting Japan's Sex, Racism and Gender Myths
YouTuber 'That Japanese Man Yuta,' with view counts numbering in the hundreds of thousands, is working to fill the void left by the international media's sweeping coverage of Japanese society.
2017/04/21 | Keith Menconi
Lives of Resilience: Reimagining Taiwan’s Comfort Women
'The history is indeed horrific; estimates vary, but the most commonly cited figure places the total number of comfort women at 200,000.'