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2016/10/20 | Kyodo News

Capsule Hotels in Japan Evolve, Reaching Out to Foreign Tourists, Women

A new breed of lodging featuring capsule hotels' signature stack of sleeping capsules is focusing on women, younger travelers and foreign tourists as well as men seeking more than the bare minimum.

2016/10/11 | Kyodo News

Documentary Film on Tsukiji Fish Market Released Amid Relocation Row

'Tsukiji Wonderland' has been released at a time when the wholesale fish market is drawing additional attention after newly elected Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike postponed the relocation of the aging market in central Tokyo.

2016/11/16 | Kyodo News

Asylum Seekers Trapped in Limbo as Japan Keeps Door Closed

Many of refugees denied refugee status as Japan's law does not include war refugees under its interpretation of the U.N. Refugee Convention.

2016/12/07 | Kyodo News

Virtual Reality to Help Boost Japanese Public Understanding of Dementia

About 1,000 people have attended its events since the project was launched in March.

2016/11/30 | Kyodo News

Japanese Prison Remodeled to Accommodate Elderly Inmates but Draws Criticism

Taxpayers are questioning if it's necessary 'to provide criminals with facilities almost like a hotel.'

2016/12/15 | Kyodo News

Small City of Nagato Put on Map for Japan-Russia Summit

'We haven't hosted such a big event,' said Masaaki Murakami, chief of public relations at the Nagato city office. 'Because of the difficulty in obtaining sufficient information, we struggled to prepare for the summit.'

2017/02/03 | Kyodo News

Learning the Singapore Way of Topping Global Education Rankings

Some teachers think while it is good that the country is ranked number one in the world for math and science education, they are concerned about the stress level on the children.

2017/03/13 | Kyodo News

FEATURE: Taiwan's Penghu Islands Say No to Casinos, Yes to Green Energy, Turtles

The Penghu islands are an example of how a properly supported community can manage its resources without betraying what made it a community in the first place.

2016/10/14 | Kyodo News

Creating Personal Packages for Gifts Becoming Popular in Japan

Ever want to put an original photo and message on the packages of such products as cosmetics, cookies and beer given as gifts? Now you can.

2017/02/16 | Kyodo News

'Dekotora' Art Trucks Find Way into Gucci's Commercial Video

Dekotora trucks became known across Japan due to the popular movie series "Torakku Yaro" (Truck Guys) in the 1970s, featuring a trucker who drove his flamboyantly decorated truck across the country.

2017/01/23 | Kyodo News

Daughter of Refugee Strives to Build Japanese School in Vietnam

‘My dream is to do something that would serve as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam,’ says Doan Thy Trang.

2017/03/08 | Kyodo News

Japan Becoming Prime Target of 'Ransomware' Crime

Cyber criminals target Japanese companies and demand ransoms after encrypting their files.

2017/03/24 | Kyodo News

Language Schools to Help Japanese Athletes Prepare for 2020 Games

'The push is aimed at overcoming concern about athletes' struggles to communicate in English during international competitions, while the schools see it as an opportunity to tap into a new market and revenue stream.'