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Julia Chien is a freelance writer and translator based in Taipei. She also DJs and makes electronic music under the name 味王 Wèi Wáng.

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2018/01/25 | Julia Chien

Tales of Taiwan's Comic Artists: Persecution, Isolation and Endless Talent

Oppressed under martial law and underappreciated in their native land, Taiwan's comic artists still managed to leave their mark on the minds of millions across Asia.

2017/11/03 | Julia Chien

Taiwan's Arts Scene Left Bereft by Foreign Talent Law

The passage of the Act Governing Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals is a missed opportunity to resolve problems involving unpaid foreign artists coming to Taiwan as part of cultural exchanges. If the government is serious about galvanizing Taiwan's cultural economy, a focused discussion that addresses problems with the country's tax system is required, writes Julia Chien.