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Jichang Lulu is an independent researcher and writes frequently on China’s interests in the Arctic.

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2017/07/07 | Jichang Lulu
Using Religion Against Itself: State-Managed Buddhism and Chinese-Mongolian Relations
Tibetan Buddhist soft power will likely continue to evolve as a tool of Chinese policy towards Mongolia, Russia, the Himalayas, the Tibetan diaspora, Western Buddhists and international Buddhist organizations.
2017/03/22 | Jichang Lulu
Thinking Outside the Urn: China and the Reincarnation of Mongolia’s Highest Lama
A Mongolian, but China-friendly, Jebtsundamba without Dharamsala ties is probably the most ambitious goal China can attain.
2017/02/24 | Jichang Lulu
The Costs of Normalization: Norway and Mongolia Respond to Chinese Sanctions
Analysis shows that Mongolia conceded less than Norway when the pair attempted to 'normalize' ties with China. However, the two nations' different response still benefits China's 'core interests' as an authoritarian power.
2017/01/03 | Jichang Lulu
China, Greenland and Competition for the Arctic
As China’s presence in Greenland crystallizes, attempts to gain influence beyond just mining permits should naturally become more frequent.