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Jay Lin is the CEO of Portico Media, a Taiwan-based media company specializing in the distribution and production of digital content for Film, TV and the internet. He is also a prolific producer of web video content through his HahaTai, LalaTai, GagaTai websites. In 2014, Jay co-founded the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) and in 2016 launched GagaOOLala and Queermosa Awards. He is also a father of twin boys and is learning every day how to juggle work, civic participation, child-rearing and getting that occasional but very crucial sleep-in.

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2019/06/18 | Jay Lin
Taking Taiwan's Progress to the Global Stage
Organizations in other Asian countries are looking to Taiwan to show the way forward for LGBT rights.
2019/02/01 | Jay Lin
Award-Winning Activist Jay Lin on Sharing LGBT Stories with Asia
A landmark year for the LGBT community opened with one of Taiwan's own receiving a special award for activism.
2018/10/31 | Jay Lin
OPINION: Why We Need 'Out in Taiwan'
The exhibition 'Out in Taiwan' could not come at a more important time for LGBTQ rights in Asia.
2017/12/11 | Jay Lin
OPINION: Is Taiwan Really a Beacon for LGBT Rights in Asia?
Taiwan's LGBT community has an easier time than many, but more needs to be done for such progress to receive international recognition.
2017/12/08 | Jay Lin
Multicultural Kids to Build Bridges between Taiwan and Vietnam
A generation of Taiwan-born kids with Vietnamese heritage have the potential to deepen and expand bilateral ties.
2017/05/25 | Jay Lin
Taiwan's Same-Sex Marriage Decision: A Personal Reflection
A Taiwan LGBT activist and same-sex marriage campaigner reflects on a day he will never forget.
2017/04/13 | Jay Lin
Infant Daycare, Here We Come!
After nine months of 'hanging out' with adults and only each other, the twins now have an opportunity to 'socialize' with other infants their age. We now also have a chance to bond with more parents.
2017/03/30 | Jay Lin
Four Questions on LGBT Parenthood
Jay Lin shares four questions out of the many asked at a Hewlett-Packard company luncheon at which employees gathered to interact with two gay parents.
2017/02/22 | Jay Lin
Let’s Talk About Love and Family, Ms. President
One year after Tsai’s election campaign in which she publicly voiced support for same-sex marriage, we now got to see how firmly she stands on the issue.
2017/02/09 | Jay Lin
Shout Out to LGBT in Taiwan: Let's Be Out and Visible
'I eagerly anticipate the appearance of Taiwanese versions of Ellen deGeneres, Matthew Bonham, Anderson Cooper, Tim Cook, Ellen Page, Rachel Maddow, and so on.'
2017/01/25 | Jay Lin
My New Year Rooster Message: They Go Low, We Go Forward
We must not bury our heads in the sand but instead use our voices, actions and unity to make sure we continue moving forwards and not backward.
2017/01/11 | Jay Lin
Nervous About Making a 'Taiwanese' Film? Don't Be
One thing is for sure, if the status quo doesn’t change, Taiwanese film industry will not grow; it will sink.
2017/01/04 | Jay Lin
It's No Longer Just About Us; A Gay Dad in Taiwan Searching for Comforting Smiles
'We have an unquestionable obligation to our children to do all we can to ensure they can grow up in an environment where they are not going to be discriminated against and looked down upon just because they come from a gay household. That burden is on us.'