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Jason Hsu (許毓仁) is a legislator-at-large with Taiwan's Kuomintang. He founded TEDxTaipei.

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2017/07/25 | Jason Hsu
OPINION: Culture as a New Diplomatic Strategy for Taiwan
Taiwan’s culture potentially provides it with a unique diplomatic power, if it can harness it.
2017/05/24 | Jason Hsu
OPINION: Time for Taiwan Lawmakers to Act on Gay Marriage Now
'I hope the government and my fellow legislators can face this issue directly and fearlessly, rather than avoid it.'
2017/03/13 | Jason Hsu
Taiwan's Response to Trump’s America
'I came away with clear and crucial promises regarding stability in the Taiwan Strait.'
2017/02/06 | Jason Hsu
OPINION: Bye Bye Uber, Now What?
'The big picture is: is this law helping solve the problem? And what approach should the government and industry take towards disruptive innovation?'
2016/11/21 | Jason Hsu
Taiwan: ‘Decide to Disrupt or be Disrupted'
Kicking out companies like Uber, UberEats, Gogovan and LaLaMove is not a solution, argues opposition lawmaker Jason Hsu.
2016/11/14 | Jason Hsu
OPINION: Why Taiwan Should be the First Country in Asia to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
It is ‘imperative’ to pass the same-sex marriage law during this parliamentary session, writes Jason Hsu, Kuomintang legislator-at-large.