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James X. Morris is a PhD Candidate and freelance writer living in Taipei. He can be found on Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamesxmorris

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2020/02/06 | James X. Morris
What Taiwan Has Done to Curb Coronavirus Spread
Despite being excluded from the World Health Organization, Taiwan has moved quickly to adopt measures to curb the domestic spread of the coronavirus.
2018/06/04 | James X. Morris
Migrant Workers Accuse HTC of Document Forgery, Labor Violations
More than 20 migrant laborers came together to protest what they claim is a cycle of falsified documents and exploitation at HTC's factories.
2018/04/02 | James X. Morris
UPDATE: Protests Delay Xindian Cemetery Demolition
Protests helped push a decision on the demolition of greater Taipei's last flatland cemetery to a public meeting.
2018/03/06 | James X. Morris
UPDATE: New Artifacts Found in Condemned Xindian Cemetery
Xindian First Public Cemetery is the last flat-land cemetery left in the Taipei basin, but is in the process of being demolished.
2018/01/23 | James X. Morris
Destruction of New Taipei's Xindian Cemetery Risks Catastrophic Cultural Loss
The first half of the cemetery was unceremoniously buried in 2016, now the battle is on to rescue and preserve what remains.