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Hilton Yip is a freelance writer and editor based in Taiwan who has also worked in Hong Kong and Beijing. He writes about regional political and socio-economic developments as well as books and travel.   

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2020/04/28 | Hilton Yip

OPINION: Why Taiwan’s China Airlines and the CPBL Must Reflect Reality in Their Names

The names of China Airlines and Chinese Professional Baseball League have cast a shadow on Taiwan's lauded Covid-19 response. It's time to change these names to reflect Taiwanese reality.

2020/02/24 | Hilton Yip

Hong Kong’s Two-Faced Identity: Prosperity and Panic

Hong Kong faces yet another challenge in the coronavirus after eight months of protests. The city is trying to retain its status as a global financial center while people struggle to secure basic goods.

2019/12/02 | Hilton Yip

Can Asia Stand Up to China's Bullying?

European countries are gradually standing up against China's suppression, but what about Asia?

2019/01/07 | Hilton Yip

OPINION: Xi Jinping's 'Unification' Demand Shows Tsai Was Right All Along

Tsai Ing-wen came under fire for not recognizing the '1992 Consensus,' but Xi's speech last week proved that her strategy was the correct one.

2018/12/06 | Hilton Yip

OPINION: Missing Photographer Is China's Latest Victim of Arbitrary Detention

Lu Guang, missing since Nov. 3 after traveling to Xinjiang, is the latest in an increasingly long list of forced disappearances.

2018/03/07 | Hilton Yip

OPINION: Hong Kong Tech Funding Puts Shenzhen in the Loop

Hong Kong is stepping up funding for its tech sector, but major spending on a remote new facility is questionable.