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Greg Brost is a science writer, a geographer, and a programmer. He's based in Florida.

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2018/09/21 | Greg Brost

Taiwan Enters Top 10 in Bloomberg Health Care Efficiency Index

New analysis shows which countries offer the best value for treatment

2018/08/23 | Greg Brost

Study Flags Complexity of Suicide Risk Among Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous people's must be considered as urbanites seek relief from the pressures of the city in Taiwan's green spaces.

2018/07/19 | Greg Brost

New Hotspot Maps Show Global Snakebite Vulnerability

Up to 92 million people are vulnerable to potentially fatal venomous snakebites, many in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan countries.

2018/06/08 | Greg Brost

Taiwan Rescue Dog Spreads Love Around the World

A rescued puppy captures a visiting couple's love for Taiwan.