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Graeme Smith is a research fellow in the College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University and hosts the Little Red Podcast with Louisa Lim.

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2017/10/11 | Graeme Smith

China's Media Dying Slow Death under Xi

Under President Xi Jinping, China's print media is less than a paper tiger, a far cry from the days when a vigorous press in Guangzhou and beyond challenged Beijing's orthodoxy.

2017/10/20 | Graeme Smith

China's Heavy-handed Control of Foreign Research

Now, the Chinese censors can tinker endlessly with the digital record to achieve their goals without ever leaving their desks, making one non-destructive edit after another, each propagating nearly instantaneously around the globe, leaving behind no discernible trace or loose ends.

2018/01/29 | Graeme Smith

China's Fake Police Statistics Are a Powerful Propaganda Tool

The Chinese policing system relies upon confessions, not forensics or profiling.