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Emma Connors is a career journalist who has worked in London and Sydney in senior reporting and editing positions for more than two decades. Emma was opinion editor at The Australian Financial Review through late 2012 and 2013 and then spent 18 months at Ogilvy PR before joining the Lowy Institute in October 2015 as managing editor of The Interpreter. Emma has a jour bnalism degree and a graduate diploma in economics

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2017/05/18 | Emma Connors

Is the Vietnamese Diaspora Key to Canberra-Hanoi Relations?

‘This is an incredibly interesting but also a challenging time for the identity of the Vietnamese diaspora. There is a lot of change underway.'

2016/11/09 | Emma Connors

Trump: The Rogue Candidate's Shock Victory

'So how did we go from hope to change in 2008 to the gutter in 2016? That’s something for the media and social scientists to research and study.'