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Dr. Euan Graham is Director of the International Security Program at the Lowy Institute. He has been a close observer of East Asian security affairs for more than twenty years, in academia, the private sector, and for the British Government.

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2017/04/25 | Euan Graham

Three Questions About North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

A brief analysis of U.S.-North Korea relations and recent events on nuclear weapon threats.

2016/10/17 | Euan Graham

Australia’s Debate on Freedom of Navigation Ops: A Necessary Storm in a Teacup

The South China Sea is not yet 'lost,' but maintaining access will require a broad multinational effort. Canberra can help to lay the groundwork for the next phase.

2016/09/19 | Euan Graham

North Korea: Reaching for Armageddon

North Korea is in a rush to lock in nuclear gains before the next U.S. administration settles its new policy.

2016/09/14 | Euan Graham

Russia Over a South China Sea Barrel

Whatever Moscow’s diplomatic aims are for this week’s South China Sea exercise with China, the reality is the drill will do more to reveal contradictions in Russia’s regional approach.