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Don Shapiro is Editor-in-Chief of Taiwan Business TOPICS and Senior Director of the AmCham Taipei. Before joining the AmCham staff in 2002, he was president of the Trade Winds publishing company and Taiwan correspondent for Time Inc.

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2016/09/20 | Don Shapiro

Taiwan Making Progress towards TPP Readiness

Finally, something Taiwan's DPP and KMT seem to agree on: joining the TPP.

2016/09/13 | Don Shapiro

New Think Tank to Raise Taiwan’s Profile in the U.S.

Former Taiwan president Lee Teng-hui has been named honorary adviser to a new U.S.-based think tank.

2016/09/10 | Don Shapiro

Taiwan Moves to Attract Foreign NGOs

Taichung in central Taiwan hopes to become a regional hub for international organizations.


2016/09/05 | Don Shapiro

'Washington Doorknock' Focuses on TPP

Taiwan is urged to take early action in resolving outstanding trade issues.

2016/08/10 | Don Shapiro

Defining Drug Advertising in Taiwan

Companies have been punished for disseminating information on disease awareness.