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Daniel Fazio is a PhD Candidate and Tutor, American Studies, School of History and International Relations, Flinders University.

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2017/12/12 | Daniel Fazio

OPINION: Australia Must Confront China's Academic Interference

The recent decision not to publish the book "Silent Invasion" which examines the growing and surreptitious CCP influence in Australia, raises alarming questions for academic freedom, public discourse, and publishing in Australia.

2017/06/26 | Daniel Fazio

Money is Power: Chinese Political Donations Threaten Australian Democracy

Australia’s political parties taking substantial donations from sources linked to the Chinese Communist Party raises serious concerns, Daniel Fazio writes.

2017/06/01 | Daniel Fazio

North Korea and the Guns of August

Brinkmanship on the Korean Peninsula can only go so far before a crisis occurs, or war breaks out, Daniel Fazio writes.