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Dinah Gardner

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Dinah Gardner is a Taipei-based reporter and a researcher for human rights NGO Safeguard Defenders.


International Day of the Disappeared: CCP Is the Worst Offender of the Year

Dinah Gardner

On the International Day of the Disappeared, China is seen as the worst perpetrator of state-sanctioned enforced disappearances this year.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Shenzhen Zen: A Decade of Life, Love and Misadventure'

Dinah Gardner

Justin Mitchell's new book is dirty, witty and deeply personal.


Saving Taiwan's Forests from the Treetops

Dinah Gardner

One project aims to spread awareness of the sheer size of Taiwan's highland trees.


Is Bitcoin Killing the Planet?

Dinah Gardner

Dreaming of Bitcoin hitting US$1 million? Then think twice about the energy implications and the future of your planet.


Could a Fukushima-style Nuclear Accident Happen in Taiwan?

Dinah Gardner

The government's target date for phasing out nuclear by 2025 could not come soon enough.

stop sucking Plastic Straws

Don't Let Taiwan Draw the Short Straw on Sustainability

Dinah Gardner

 Regulating single-use straws would put Taiwan on the map for having advanced environmental policy ahead of any other country in the region.


The New Instagram Feed Spotlighting Mass Extinctions

Dinah Gardner

People are killing off vast numbers of species all around the world; but no one is talking about it. Maybe a new Instagram feed devoted to the topic will help.

Environmental problem of plastic rubbish pollution in ocean

Will Taiwan’s New Plastic Bag Ban Work?

Dinah Gardner

Taiwanese use more than 700 plastic bags per person per year; recycling is not the answer; much better to use other kinds of long-lasting containers; and special compost areas for biodegradable bags would be a good place to start.

water drop

Nano this Plastic Should Be in Our Water

Dinah Gardner

For the first in a regular bi-weekly series on the environment in Taiwan, Green Bulletin interviews the policy head of the Taipei American School's team as they prepare to solve Taiwan's nanoplastic problems for iGEM, a world-leading student synthetic biology competition.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy to a City'

Dinah Gardner

'Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy for a City' spans five decades, two husbands, a dozen other lovers, a handover to the Motherland, the dementia of the author's mother and the death of her father.

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