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2020/07/14 | Deutsche Welle
Taiwan Accuses Germany of Discrimination After Flag Removal 
German Foreign Ministry removed the national flag of the Republic of China, Taiwan's formal name, citing "One China Policy" as its reasoning.
2020/07/13 | Deutsche Welle
Hong Kong: German Economy Minister Defends China Ties
China's Hong Kong security law sparked outcry with many fearing it will infringe on human rights. Germany won't sever its trade relationship with China over it, says Economy Minister Peter Altmaier.
2020/07/10 | Deutsche Welle
South Korea: Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon Found Dead After Going Missing
Seoul police have said that they found Mayor Park Won-soon's body near the location where he had last used his cell phone. A frantic night-time search had been launched after his daughter reported him missing.
2020/07/08 | Deutsche Welle
China Opens New Security Agency Headquarters in Hong Kong
A week after passing the controversial national security law in Hong Kong, China has inaugurated a new office for its security agency to operate openly in the city.
2020/07/06 | Deutsche Welle
Japan's 'Most Powerful' Woman Wins Second Term as Tokyo Governor
Tipped to be the first female prime minister of Japan, Yuriko Koike has been re-elected for a second term as governor of Tokyo. The former defense minister has been praised for the capital's response to the pandemic.
2020/07/03 | Deutsche Welle
Electronic Waste: When Billions in Gold, Other Precious Materials Are Discarded
Record levels of e-waste were produced globally in 2019, weighing the same as 350 mega cruise ships, a UN report shows. The surge in global e-waste is not only a major environmental risk but also a health hazard.
2020/06/30 | Deutsche Welle
US Begins Revoking Hong Kong's Special Status Over Row With China
The U.S. has announced it will halt defense exports to Hong Kong, the first step in undoing the territory's special status. The move comes in response to new visa restrictions out of China.
2020/06/29 | Deutsche Welle
Hong Kong: 'Silent Protest' March Targets National Security Law
Hundreds of Hongkongers have marched silently through the city's streets in protest against the looming national security legislation to be implemented by the mainland Chinese government.
2020/06/23 | Deutsche Welle
Is the US-China Rivalry Tangling a Coronavirus Vaccine With Geopolitics?
In China, getting to a vaccine first would be a shot in the arm for its global image as a technology leader. In the U.S., an America-first vaccine could boost President Donald Trump's reelection campaign.
2020/06/18 | Deutsche Welle
Trump Signs Sanctions Law Over China Crackdown of Uyghurs
Donald Trump has signed into law an act that authorizes sanctions against Chinese officials over the mass incarceration of Uyghur Muslims. The move is likely to deliver a fresh blow to the already tense U.S.-China ties.
2020/06/16 | Deutsche Welle
North Korean Destroys Inter-Korean Liason Office in Kaesong: Yonhap
North Korea has been ratcheting up tensions with the South in recent weeks and has threatened to deploy the military to the border region.
2020/06/15 | Deutsche Welle
Kim Jong Un's Sister Threatens Military Action Against South Korea
Seoul has held an urgent security meeting after the latest threat of military action from Pyongyang. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said her army would "surely" take action against the South.
2020/06/09 | Deutsche Welle
North Korea to Sever All Communication With South Korea
North Korea says it will shut down all cross-border hotlines with the South at noon on Tuesday. Kim Jong Un's sister had threatened to cut ties over Seoul's failure to stop activists from sending leaflets across the border.
2020/05/28 | Deutsche Welle
US Reconsiders Hong Kong's Special Treatment, Seeks China Sanctions
U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said Hong Kong no longer operates autonomously from Beijing. Meanwhile, in Congress, proposed sanctions linked to China's repression of Uyghur Muslims passed overwhelmingly.
2020/05/26 | Deutsche Welle
India Restarts Domestic Air Travel After Two Months, Amid Chaos
The resumption of domestic flights in India was marked by chaos as several flights were canceled without passengers being warned in advance. Regional rules also complicated the resumption of travel.
2020/05/22 | Deutsche Welle
China Lawmakers to Vote on New Security Law for Hong Kong
While thousands of Chinese lawmakers gather for their annual session, Beijing is preparing a new law against subversive activities in Hong Kong. Opposition democrats in the city warn it would be "the end of Hong Kong."
2020/05/20 | Deutsche Welle
'Make in India' Looking to Take on China's Tech Industry
India's tech factories may be the big winner as rich countries around the world are rethinking globalization and their heavy reliance on China as the coronavirus pandemic slows down.
2020/05/15 | Deutsche Welle
Is South Korea's LGBT+ Community Being Scapegoated for Covid-19 Spread?
South Korean authorities warn that overt homophobia is hampering their efforts to trace the thousands of people who visited Itaewon over the weekend to celebrate the relaxing of social distancing restrictions.