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CLB was first established in Hong Kong in 1994 as a bi-lingual, monthly newsletter designed to inform international trade unionists of events inside China and to let Chinese workers know about domestic labour news and the role of trade unions. CLB remains committed to supporting the workers’ movement in China and in creating genuine trade unions that can take the movement to the next level.

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2019/03/22 | China Labour Bulletin

At Least 47 Killed, 90 Injured in Chemical Explosion in Eastern China

Dozens remain in critical condition following a massive blast at a pesticide plant in Jiangsu province.

2019/03/07 | China Labour Bulletin

CHINA: Food Delivery Drivers in 5 Cities Strike Over Post-New Year Pay Cuts

Workers for Meituan and staged strikes in at least 5 Chinese cities shortly after the Lunar New Year holiday.

2018/10/31 | China Labour Bulletin

Death Toll Rises to 21 in China's Worst Mining Accident of 2018

22 miners were building a drainage when a rock burst blocked both its ends. Only one miner survived.

2018/07/14 | China Labour Bulletin

Fixing China's Sharing Economy Woes

Labor strikes, low wages, and impossible deliveries have ravaged China's gig economy. Simply hiring contracted workers may lead to sustainable growth.

2018/06/30 | China Labour Bulletin

China's Guangdong Province Raises Minimum Wages for First Time in 3 Years

The minimal adjustment comes amid reluctance from local government to raise costs for businesses.

2018/06/25 | China Labour Bulletin

China's Tech Workers Endure Slave-like Conditions in Shenzhen

Shenzhen’s tech workers face burnout striving for their entrepreneurial dream, highlighting the need for effective unionization.

2018/06/07 | China Labour Bulletin

Wage Cuts Drive China's Online Food Delivery Workers to Strike

Workers around China are protesting against wages cuts and poor working conditions amid cut-throat competition in the online food delivery market.

2018/04/04 | China Labour Bulletin

OPINION: Job Recruitment in China is Depressingly Sexist

Workplace discrimination and dismissive attitudes continue to discredit many women across China.