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2017/12/16 | Chen Na
Public Outcry over Voyeuristic Livestream Cameras in China
Diners and gym goers notched up thousands of views thanks to secret live streaming of Qihoo 360 cameras.
2017/10/02 | Chen Na
The Growing Market for Cross-Language Apps
As technology advances, translation apps aimed at leveling language barriers proliferate but often fall short.
2017/08/29 | Chen Na
Beijing's Elderly Lose Homes to Get-Rich-Quick Scheme
Senior citizens are left homeless after mortgaging their family property in exchange for high-interest investment products.
2017/06/23 | Chen Na
Chinese Millennials’ Ferocious But Fragile Appetite for Viral Stores
China’s social media savvy food and drink establishments are enjoying hours-long queues, but experts warn their business model is vulnerable.
2017/06/21 | Chen Na
E-Commerce Giants Accused of Bullying Shops Into Cutting Prices
Liebo and LeTV say they were forced to offer exorbitant discounts for the June 18 shopping extravaganza.