Chang Shin-wei
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Chang Shin-wei is a staff writer for The News Lens International.
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2016/07/29 | Chang Shin-wei

Taipei Mayor’s Reputation Going Downhill?

Polls show that Ko Wen-je is the least popular among the six heads of special municipalities in Taiwan, and has the least chance of winning a second term.

2016/07/27 | Chang Shin-wei

Chinese Honeytrap Snares Taiwanese Aviation Police Official

A Taiwanese aviation police officer was seduced by the female manager of a Chinese company with ties to the CCP.

2016/07/27 | Chang Shin-wei

Support for Tsai Drops by 14% in Two Months

Labor rights issues, the South China Sea ruling, and the accidental launch of a missile are believed to have contributed to the wavering trust in the Tsai administration.

2016/07/22 | Chang Shin-wei

China Huffs and Puffs After Tsai Ing-wen WaPo Interview

The Chinese side accuses President Tsai of officially denying for the first time the existence of the '1992 consensus.' Taipei denies she did such a thing.

2016/07/22 | Chang Shin-wei

Doctor Goes On Hunger Strike Against Taiwan Health Insurance Claim System

A point system used to calculate state reimbursements to hospitals and clinics is seen as unfair by a number of practitioners.

2016/07/21 | Chang Shin-wei

China's 'Little Pinks' Driving Taiwan and Hong Kong Away: Chang Tieh-chih

China’s rising patriotic youth movement threatens to further sour its relations with Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2016/07/20 | Chang Shin-wei

Tsai’s Judicial Reform Starting Off On The Wrong Foot: Huang Cheng-yi

'Tsai is not stopping political power from interfering in the judicial system, but is making it worse.'

2016/07/15 | Chang Shin-wei

Swing Dancers Introduce Taipei to the World

'Naughty Swing' dancers performed at 30 tourist attractions around Taipei, including Chiou Fen, Ximen Red House, Bopiliao Old Street, the Shilin Night Market, and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

2016/07/14 | Chang Shin-wei

Taiwanese Packaging Design Shines at International Design Awards

Innovative and practical Taiwan fish packaging design picks up nine international awards.

2016/07/14 | Chang Shin-wei

Violence in Taiwan's Emergency Rooms: When Medical Staff Get Abused

The current legal system only allows complaints against medical personnel. Some say there should also be a channel for complaints against patients.

2016/07/07 | Chang Shin-wei

Taiwanese Parents Spend to Make Their Children More Competitive

During the summer vacation, many children in Taiwan will spend countless hours learning foreign languages or writing formulas in science class. And that's exactly where their parents want them to be.

2016/07/06 | Chang Shin-wei

Fearing EU 'Red Flag', Taiwan Passes New Laws on Pelagic Fishing

Some Taiwanese fishermen fear that the new fines imposed for breaking the law could be ruinous for many of them.

2016/07/01 | Chang Shin-wei

Formosa Plastics Admits Guilt for Mass Killing of Fish in Vietnam

Despite paying US$500m in damages and admitting it dumped toxic substance in rivers, there may be longer-term implications from the Formosa Plastics fish scandal.