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Chang Shin-wei is a staff writer for The News Lens International.

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2016/06/29 | Chang Shin-wei

Working Sunday? Employers Threaten to Walk from Labor Negotiations

As employers threaten to walk from negotiations over worker rights in Taiwan, some politicians say the high expectations of the DPP-led government are not being met.

2016/07/14 | Chang Shin-wei

Violence in Taiwan's Emergency Rooms: When Medical Staff Get Abused

The current legal system only allows complaints against medical personnel. Some say there should also be a channel for complaints against patients.

2016/07/27 | Chang Shin-wei

Chinese Honeytrap Snares Taiwanese Aviation Police Official

A Taiwanese aviation police officer was seduced by the female manager of a Chinese company with ties to the CCP.

2016/07/21 | Chang Shin-wei

China's 'Little Pinks' Driving Taiwan and Hong Kong Away: Chang Tieh-chih

China’s rising patriotic youth movement threatens to further sour its relations with Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2016/07/07 | Chang Shin-wei

Taiwanese Parents Spend to Make Their Children More Competitive

During the summer vacation, many children in Taiwan will spend countless hours learning foreign languages or writing formulas in science class. And that's exactly where their parents want them to be.