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2017/04/29 | Cara Giaimo
One of the Earliest Industrial Spies Was a French Missionary Stationed in China
When he wasn’t converting people, Father Francois Xavier d’Entrecolles was extracting trade secrets from porcelain producers.
2017/02/18 | Cara Giaimo
The Little-Known Passport that Protected 450,000 Refugees
Between 1922 and 1938, the 'Nansen Passport' allowed stateless people to make a new life.
2016/12/21 | Cara Giaimo
How Millions of Secret Silk Maps Helped POWs Escape Their Captors in WWII
The ingenious maps played a role in some 750 successful escapes.
2016/11/07 | Cara Giaimo
The First People to Push the Panic Button Were Korean War Pilots
What started as a last-ditch safety tool became a way for soldiers to make fun of each other.
2016/10/26 | Cara Giaimo
How Trees Help Solve Murders
Twigs, seeds and pollen can help heat up otherwise cold cases.
2016/10/20 | Cara Giaimo
The Goose Who Wore Nikes, and the Mystery of Who Murdered Him
The Nebraska celebrity bird delighted all — until he was brutally killed.
2016/10/04 | Cara Giaimo
The 1980s Crime Ring That Poisoned Japan's Candy And Never Got Caught
The 'Mystery Man with 21 Faces' mocked the police ruthlessly and stocked Japan's supermarkets with cyanide-filled candy. To this day, no one knows who they were.