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2017/09/18 | Cai Yiwen
Finding Middle Ground Between US and Chinese Classrooms
Journalist and author Lenora Chu on raising a ‘little soldier’ in the Chinese school system.
2017/06/01 | Cai Yiwen
From Propaganda Ballets to Dance for the People
Once a Cultural Revolution dancer, Wen Hui has become a pioneer of choreography that focuses on the experiences of real people.
2017/04/27 | Cai Yiwen
Pilot ‘Gaokao’ Reforms Only Pile on the Pressure
New college entrance exam rules designed to relieve student stress with more test opportunities are having the opposite effect.
2017/04/09 | Cai Yiwen
Why China’s Modern Barefoot Doctors Are Walking Away
Despite government moves to improve primary care in the countryside, village doctors are under increasing pressure.
2016/10/06 | Cai Yiwen
Fresh Blood Hopes to Revive China’s Funeral Homes
Despite social stigma, a young generation is trying to modernize the country’s booming funeral service industry.
2016/09/13 | Cai Yiwen
HIV-Positive Students Ponder Life After High School
Boarding school brings AIDS orphans compassion — and segregation.
2016/09/07 | Cai Yiwen
China’s Illicit Adoption Market Goes Online
Children traded through chat groups and forums could be trafficked, a lawyer warns.