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Chris Horton

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Chris Horton is a journalist based in Taipei, Taiwan. He has been writing about Asia for more than a decade, covering topics including news, politics, business, travel, the environment, sports and the arts. Chris' writing has been published in magazines, newspapers and websites in Asia, the US and UK, most recently in The New York Times, Quartz, Financial Times, The Atlantic, ChinaFile and FORTUNE China.  

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US Tax Cuts Entice Taiwan Firms

Chris Horton

Taiwan's top firms are looks anew at investing in the US, but while the door is open to the country's biggest companies, the SMEs that make up 90 percent of its companies still struggle to get a look in.


Taipei's 'Perfect' Universiade Performance

Chris Horton

Despite initial organizational uncertainties, Taipei showed its best face to visitors at the Universiade this summer, impressing a host of delegations with typical hospitality and respect.


APEC: Taiwan’s Most Important International Forum

Chris Horton

Given the current cross-Strait climate, Taiwan’s role in APEC is arguably more important than ever, writes Chris Horton.


Given Overcapacity, Universities in Taiwan Face Tough Decisions

Chris Horton

Schools may need to merge, join an alliance, or shift to a different line of business.

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