Brian Hioe
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Brian Hioe was one of the founding editors of New Bloom, a freelance writer on social movements and politics, and an occasional translator.
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2017/09/25 | Brian Hioe
Attacks on Pro-independence Demonstrators Protesting China Singing Competition
The protest saw violence against students from members of the Chinese Unification Promotion Party and the Concentric Patriotic Association, pro-unification groups with a history of political violence against pro-independence demonstrators, members of the Falun Gong and others.
2017/07/13 | Brian Hioe
Kaohsiung Gaming Tournament Illustrates Esports as New Site of Identity Contestation
There is no love lost between Taiwan and China, given China’s claims of sovereignty over Taiwan despite Taiwanese people increasingly not identifying as Taiwanese, particularly among the young people who would watch esports.
2017/03/31 | Brian Hioe
Sunflower Movement Activists Found Not Guilty. What Next?
Leaders of the 2014 Sunflower Movement were today found not guilty for occupying Taiwan's Parliment. Other cases involving incidents during the movement have not yet been heard, and demands still haven't been met.
2017/03/22 | Brian Hioe
Impending Conflict Between the DPP and Taiwanese Youth Activists?
This could be a crucial issue which cements the view for many that the DPP has not proven sufficiently different from the KMT on key issues such as cross-Strait relations.
2017/03/17 | Brian Hioe
What Does Ma Ying-jeou's Indictment Mean For Taiwan's Democracy?
With the indictment of former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, Brian Hioe observes that Ma facing jail time 'may threaten the international perception of Taiwan as a democracy.'
2017/01/09 | Brian Hioe
ANALYSIS: Dissecting the Hong Kong-Taiwan Dialogue
New Bloom's Brian Hioe dissects an interesting dialogue with political activists and legislators from Taiwan and Hong Kong.
2016/12/30 | Brian Hioe
What Do Reactions to the Taiwanese High School Nazi Skit Reveal?
The event shows Taiwan's failure to grasp the cultural context of Nazi iconography and the government's questionable response. The problem lies not just within Taiwan, however, but Asia and western countries as well.
2016/12/20 | Brian Hioe
No End in Sight for China's Political Purges in Hong Kong?
There is really no going back for Beijing now that it has decided to fundamentally overturn Hong Kong’s system of government.
2016/11/25 | Brian Hioe
Terry Gou: Taiwan's Donald Trump?
'If the KMT seeks to seriously put Terry Gou forward as a presidential candidate, that would only further accentuate the party’s present political crisis.'
2016/11/10 | Brian Hioe
Demonstrations in South Korea Calling on Park to Step Down
It is to be questioned whether Park’s Saenuri Party will be able to survive the scandal, and South Korea’s political future, not only internally but regionally, remains unknown.
2016/11/05 | Brian Hioe
The Hung-Xi Meeting, Largely A Pointless Affair?
The Hung-Xi meeting has not revealed anything new we did not already know, but it may be that a poor response from the DPP or a failure of the DPP to manage international perceptions of the meeting can still be a threat to maintaining Taiwan’s de facto independence.
2016/10/23 | Brian Hioe
EXHIBIT REVIEW: Taipei Biennial 2016
‘The Taipei Biennial 2016 not only fails to live up to its claimed aims, but in and of itself, does not cohere as an exhibition.’
2016/10/16 | Brian Hioe
OP-ED: Is China Seeking To Export Its Model Of Human Rights Abroad?
'The Chinese party-state prefers to see human rights as reducible to a tool used by state actors to undermine China, because this conception does not challenge the authoritarianism of the Chinese party-state.'
2016/10/09 | Brian Hioe
OP-ED: Nuit Blanche, A Half-Hearted Attempt At Making Taipei Look Like An 'Artsy' City?
'Taipei’s hosting of Nuit Blanche seems like a half-hearted, commercialized attempt to make Taipei look like an artistic city when the actual creative centers of the city are at risk.'
2016/10/07 | Brian Hioe
OP-ED: Joshua Wong's Detention in Thailand May Not Be The Last of Its Kind
Countries like Thailand which already share with China a record of poor human rights and are ruled by authoritarian governments are probably more likely to cooperate with China on extraterritorial detentions because such regimes have less to lose from international condemnation.