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Brian Hioe was one of the founding editors of New Bloom, a freelance writer on social movements and politics, and an occasional translator.

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2020/05/22 | Brian Hioe
Will Taiwan Still Be the 'Orphan of Asia' After Covid-19?
“As the world burns, Taiwan soldiers on” is our collective experience of the pandemic. Will this make Taiwan even more isolated or connected than before?
2019/03/25 | Brian Hioe
Daguan Residents Remain Threatened Despite Temporary Halt to Demolition
A temporary halt to the demolition of Daguan Community, a military dependents village in New Taipei, has not answered the question of what comes next for its residents.
2019/03/18 | Brian Hioe
OPINION: Taiwan Must Discuss Migrant Worker Safety After Fatal Factory Fires
Taiwan must seriously address unsafe work conditions for migrant workers after its third fatal factory fire in 14 months.
2019/03/07 | Brian Hioe
Daguan Residents Clash With Taipei Police After Receiving Eviction Notices
Residents of Daguan Community in New Taipei say the Tsai administration has not helped them in their fight against forced eviction.
2018/03/13 | Brian Hioe
OPINION: Taiwan's Anti-nuclear Movement Needs Reinvigorating
Turnout for this year's anti-nuclear march was disappointing, even as the government shows signs it is willing to rely on nuclear power.
2018/03/08 | Brian Hioe
OPINION: Independence Referendum Push Challenges DPP Complacency
The backing of political heavyweights and unprecedented third-force unity threaten to undermine the DPP.
2018/03/01 | Brian Hioe
OPINION: Taiwan's Toilet Paper Panic Highlights Conglomerate Power
The toilet paper panic hints at deep flaws in Taiwan's corporate structures.
2018/02/14 | Brian Hioe
Did Taiwan's Anti-Nuclear Movement Fizzle Out?
Nuclear power is coming back to Taiwan, but an anti-nuclear movement that once rallied more than 100,000 protesters is nowhere to be seen.
2018/01/29 | Brian Hioe
Agnes Chow Barred from Hong Kong Election
'Plan A' has failed. What now for Hong Kong's pro-democracy advocates?
2018/01/26 | Brian Hioe
Songshan Airport Eviction Slips under Radar
The head of the Songshan Airport Forced Eviction Self-Help Organization had his own home forcibly demolished.
2018/01/12 | Brian Hioe
Proposed Mining Act Amendment Sidesteps Environmental Laws, Indigenous Rights
If passed as expected, the DPP will have to defend the Mining Act to a skeptical public.
2018/01/09 | Brian Hioe
Migrant Workers March for Better Conditions
Taiwan's migrant worker population is demanding greater say in policy that affects their lives in Taiwan and an end to the broker system.
2018/01/04 | Brian Hioe
Why is China Planning Floating Nuclear Reactors?
China may be hoping to use the vessels as a dangerous nuclear deterrent.
2017/12/25 | Brian Hioe
Labor Law Protests Rock Taipei
Protests as large and aggressive have not been witnessed in Taipei since the 2014 Sunflower Movement.