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Brendan Thomas-Noone is a Research Associate in the Alliance 21 Program at the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney.

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2018/01/30 | Brendan Thomas-Noone

Asia's Nuclear Powers Switch Focus to New Missile Technologies

As the arm races keep escalating in Asia, maintaining strategic stability in 2018 will only become more difficult.

2017/01/28 | Brendan Thomas-Noone

Democracies Take Up Arms Against Cyberattacks

'An adequate defense will be multilayered and rolling it out will be much more difficult than simply ensuring our politicians change their passwords regularly.'

2016/10/05 | Brendan Thomas-Noone

Modernized Tactical Nuclear Arsenals Risk Sparking Arms Races

Two technological trends are influencing the way tactical nuclear weapons could impact strategic stability: the proliferation of precision strike weapons and the emergence of advance area-denial capabilities and credible ballistic missile defense.