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Bing-sheng Lee is a staff writer at The News Lens International.

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2016/07/25 | Bing-sheng Lee
Fake Tourist Spot in Taiwan Raises Environmental Awareness
A campaign featuring a non-existing scenic spot has been launched to address the increasingly serious trash problem on Orchid Island.
2016/07/25 | Bing-sheng Lee
Victors of Taiwan's Exam System, But Losers in Life: Lee Lu-feng
Taiwan’s flawed exam system has plagued students for the past 50 years, creating adept test-takers who are afraid of taking risks.
2016/07/20 | Bing-sheng Lee
E-hailing App Takes Advantage of Two-Wheel Vehicles in Indonesia
Grab has achieved significant growth over the first half of 2016 thanks to the loose regulations on two-wheel transportation in Indonesia.
2016/07/18 | Bing-sheng Lee
Thailand’s Pledge to Crack Down on Prostitution Sparks Concerns
Thailand wants to crack down on the rampant sex industry in the country, but the potential impact on its tourism and questions over the livelihood of more than 120,000 sex workers concern critics and advocates.
2016/07/18 | Bing-sheng Lee
Formosa Plastics May Not Be Sole Culprit in Mass Fish Deaths in Vietnam
Formosa Plastics has agreed to pay US$500 million for the mass fish death in central Vietnam, but should it take full responsibility?
2016/07/13 | Bing-sheng Lee
Taiwanese Veterans Recruited as Chinese Spies
A Taiwanese army veteran has been giving confidential military information to Beijing’s spies while on business trips to China. Although the security breach is not major, authorities say the Chinese appear to be using new espionage tactics.
2016/07/13 | Bing-sheng Lee
Taipei Bans Bottled Water and Disposable Utensils in Schools
The Taipei City Government has decided to ban bottled water and disposable utensils from elementary and junior high schools in an attempt to teach young students about environmental issues.
2016/07/11 | Bing-sheng Lee
Taiwan Becomes Last Country to Lift Ban on Canadian Beef
Despite the fact that the process took more than a year, some legislators argue that the government 'ambushed' the public with the decision and want explanations.
2016/07/11 | Bing-sheng Lee
Suspicions of Political Motives in Cambodian Critic’s Murder
The murder of an outspoken government critic is seen as major blow for Cambodian democracy and has raised speculation over the involvement of the ruling regime.
2016/07/06 | Bing-sheng Lee
Rampant Illegal Waste-Dumping Plagues China
Illegal cross-province garbage dumping in China has raised pollution concerns and unveiled a lucrative black market business.
2016/07/06 | Bing-sheng Lee
China Faces Large Protests Over Waste Incinerators
China’s commitment to building garbage incinerators is facing strong and constant opposition from residents. In Zhaoqing, the government used violence and a media blackout to suppress its opponents.
2016/07/04 | Bing-sheng Lee
Heavy Rain, Floods Wreck Southern and Eastern China
As of Sunday, large-scale floods have affected more than 30 million people, displaced almost 1.5 million, claimed 186 lives, and destroyed 56,000 houses.
2016/07/04 | Bing-sheng Lee
Popular Festivals Disturb Local Property and Environment in Taiwan: Advocates
Taiwan’s famous balloon and lantern festivals, although good for tourism, trouble locals and environmental advocates.
2016/06/29 | Bing-sheng Lee
Apple Scouts Taiwan for New Data Center: Reports
Changhua County in Taiwan has been attracting tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple for major investment.
2016/06/27 | Bing-sheng Lee
Unions Threaten to Strike after Flight Attendants’ Success
The strike by China Airline flight attendants ended after management agreed to employee demands. Now more unions are threatening to strike.
2016/06/27 | Bing-sheng Lee
Lu Yen-hsun Becomes Taiwan’s First ATP Players' Representative
Taiwan’s most successful male tennis player promises to devote his energies to improving players’ benefits and to pay special attention to issues regarding Asian players.
2016/06/22 | Bing-sheng Lee
China Takes Internet Censorship to New Level
China intends to 'foster a healthy, positive Internet culture' by purging comments by its nearly 700 million Internet users.
2016/06/22 | Bing-sheng Lee
Thai Military Blasted for Campaign Against Human Rights Advocates
Activists face five years in prison for exposing torture by Thailand’s military.