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Austin is an intern at The News Lens International. He’s currently a junior at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) with a focus in broadcast.

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Taiwan Top Spot for Street Artists: British Performer
Although Taiwan attracts many visitors with its sightseeing spots and food, its street performances also offer something unique. For Luigi Percca, a street artist for 22 years, Taiwan stands as the best country he’s ever performed in.
First Political Party Dedicated to Animal Protection Founded in Taiwan
The Taiwan Animal Protection Party is striving to raise more public awareness of animal rights through politics.
NGO Bridges Gap between SEA Migrant Workers and Taiwanese Employers
With nearly 600,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan, cultural and language barriers leave many workers and employers frustrated. The One-Forty Foundation believes it has the answer.
Abuse of Migrant Workers in Taiwan Regular: NGO
‘We see many cases of sexual abuse, harassment or inappropriate contact. Most migrant workers don’t ask for help because if they talk to their broker, they will be threatened to be sent back to their home country.’
‘Don’t Blame China’ — Education Needed on Air Pollution in Taiwan
The Taiwan Electric Vehicles Association is leading the charge in educating Taiwanese about the benefits of switching to electric vehicles, and the harsh reality of air pollution.
Technology Assisting Physically and Mentally Challenged Individuals in Taiwan
Many physically challenged individuals experience difficulties registering for expensive government service programs. The Icebreaker Association is trying to help through technology.
ANALYSIS: Taiwan's Future Under Trump and Clinton
Although the decision rests in the hands of American voters, Taiwanese should be aware of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton’s stances on Taiwan.
INTERVIEW: Taiwanese Artist Highlights Global Climate Change Through QR-Code Art
One of Taiwan’s less-known diplomatic allies, Tuvalu, is threatened by rising sea levels, and has inspired a Taiwanese artist to raise awareness of the issue through eco-art.
Taiwan’s Looming Dementia Crisis
Amid a lack of public awareness, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in Taiwan have long faced difficulties finding adequate care. Now, with a rapidly ageing population, the illness is starting to hit the country’s healthcare budget.
One Girl's Story: Coming Out in Hong Kong Still Painful
From attempted suicide to acceptance: One girl’s coming out in Hong Kong reveals the many challenges the LGBT community there continues to face.