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AsiaGlobal Online offers Asian perspectives on global issues through publishing rigorous research-based articles and commentaries. The journal’s network of writers includes scholars, experts, policymakers and professionals from around the world, with an emphatic focus on those from Asian countries.
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2018/09/08 | AsiaGlobal Online
Rodrigo Duterte: 'Patient Zero' of the Modern Disinformation Era
The Philippine president's 2016 campaign offers novel insights into the psychology of internet trolls spreading 'fake news.'
2018/08/21 | AsiaGlobal Online
ANALYSIS: Why 'Good Food' Is Fundamental to China's Future
Food safety scandals have blighted the public's confidence in society and its institutions, leaving space for a growing alternative food movement.
2018/07/24 | AsiaGlobal Online
ANALYSIS: China Strides Towards Cleaner Air
China presents a unique opportunity to measure the long-term effects of air pollution on life expectancy.
2018/07/14 | AsiaGlobal Online
China, Social Credit and the Future of Global Governance
The rest of the world can also learn something from China's social credit project – the dangers of governing by grading people.
2018/07/10 | AsiaGlobal Online
Asia's Philanthropy Problem: Growing Wealth, Stagnant Giving
Wealth in Asia is growing rapidly, but philanthropy is lagging behind. Charitable infrastructure remains underdeveloped throughout the continent. Governments and corporations can fix this.
2018/07/02 | AsiaGlobal Online
China's Love for Seafood Set to Send Waves Through Global Oceans
China’s growing appetite for seafood has led to fundamental changes in the global fishing industry.
2018/07/02 | AsiaGlobal Online
Addressing the Problem of Corruption in the Asia-Pacific
Corruption is the elephant in the room when it comes to improving economic efficiency in Asia.
2018/06/28 | AsiaGlobal Online
OPINION: Southeast Asia a Test Bed for Trust in Digital, 'Post-truth' Era
The digital era is transforming the nature of trust and credibility in democratic Southeast Asia.
2018/06/25 | AsiaGlobal Online
STUDY: Culture a Major Barrier to Digitizing Asia's Fashion Factories
A study on a factory in Thailand shows how with the right corporate culture, digitization can empower textiles workers.
2018/06/08 | AsiaGlobal Online
Forget Belt and Road, China's Economic Future Is All About Silicon Valley
China's growth depends on new technologies not redirecting industrial overcapacity to western deserts.
2018/05/22 | AsiaGlobal Online
Drones, Data and Preempting Epidemics
Data and technology is transforming epidemiology, but the field still has many unanswered ethical questions.
2018/05/17 | AsiaGlobal Online
ANALYSIS: ASEAN's Place in the Quad-China Face-off
As each ASEAN country has its own position on China and the Quad, Southeast Asia risks being torn between great powers.
2018/05/11 | AsiaGlobal Online
ANALYSIS: How Facebook Is Damaging Myanmar's Fragile Democracy
Myanmar is becoming a forceful example of how unrestrained social media can polarize opinion and damage democracy.
2018/04/30 | AsiaGlobal Online
OPINION: Reasons to Be Wary of Chinese Influence in African Telecoms
While China has taken a largely hands-off approach to the export of communications infrastructure in Africa, it favors state-owned actors in the markets it serves.
2018/04/20 | AsiaGlobal Online
Fighting Back Against 'The China Hustle'
China needs to think internationally in order to reform its teetering stock markets.