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Policy Forum is Asia and the Pacific’s platform for public policy debate, analysis, views, and discussion. Policy Forum is a Crawford School of Public Policy initiative but publishes pieces from experts around the world. Since launching in November 2014, we have published more than 1000 pieces from many hundreds of authors worldwide. The site is connected to the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society (APPS) – a community of scholars, public policy practitioners, people working at every level of public policy design and implementation, and the policy-engaged public. Membership of the Society is free and it brings with it significant benefits.

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2018/05/09 | Asia & The Pacific Policy Society

ANALYSIS: The Myth of School Autonomy in Vietnam

The communist state has been moving quickly to privatize control of its educational institutions.

2018/04/17 | Asia & The Pacific Policy Society

INDONESIA: Cigarettes Are Blazing Through Rural Household Budgets

Even though Indonesian farmer households have low incomes, the proportion of their income allocated to smoking is alarmingly high.

2018/03/25 | Asia & The Pacific Policy Society

OPINION: Thailand's Special Economic Zones Fail to Deliver

Once viewed as a panacea, SEZs are unlikely to succeed in driving new investments in Thailand.