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Anqi Shen is Reader in Law at Teesside University, UK. A more nuanced and in-depth analysis of alcohol counterfeiting in China can be found in Shen, A. & Antonopoulos, G. A. (2016) "No Banquet Can Do without Liquor: Alcohol counterfeiting in the People’s Republic of China" Trends in Organised Crime.

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2017/07/29 | Anqi Shen

Unveiling China's Women Judges

Who are women judges in China? What do they do? What are their roles and positions in the Chinese judicial profession? These questions help us to get to know female judicial officers in post-Mao China.

2017/01/18 | Anqi Shen

China's Growing Fake Wine Market

With the increasing popularity of high-end foreign wine consumption, the fake wine market is also a booming business in China.