XR EXPRESS TW Pavilion Offers InnoVEX Unprecedented Blend of AR, VR and MR Experiences
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XR EXPRESS TW, the first Extended Reality (XR) theme pavilion, opens in the InnoVEX exhibition taking place June 6-8 at the Taiwan World Trade Center (TWTC) Hall 3, G0244.

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In the XR EXPRESS TW pavilion, the latest Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies, collectively dubbed XR, from 15 companies are arranged in five themes – Cultural and Creative, Education, Health Care, e-Sports and Motion Interaction – to demonstrate how the latest products can be applied in different user scenarios.

“As AR, VR and MR are converging into XR and becoming a powerful boost to the industry as a whole, we are dedicating ourselves to promote it to a new level for potential users and startups,” said Cori Shieh, the president of Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR).

Actively participated by many talented startups, the XR EXPRESS TW pavilion at the 2018 edition of InnoVEX, the special startup exhibition of Taiwan's leading ICT industry exhibition, COMPUTEX Taipei, consists of companies from the Andong Youth Startup Hub and five winners of the “Taiwan XR Demo Day” competition – Realiteer, Pumpkin Studio, Hyper Immersion Technology, GTrainers Organization and Pi Square.

Of the five winners, Pumpkin Studio focuses on productivity and training applications such as VR simulation of forklift operations that improve driving safety with very little space required.

Realiteer, another startup from the U.S., works with universities such as Stanford, Columbia, and Cornell on industry-leading research in immersive therapy and other related fields. Through VR applications, Realiteer helps patients by offering a visually immersive environment to stimulate their perception for therapeutic effects; and the company is cooperating with top-tier medical teams as well to pursue more physical or psychiatric rehabilitation possibilities.


To add even more depth, XR EXPRESS TW will host cutting-edge global experts to share insights around the latest XR trends. The distinguished speakers include Tipatat Chennavasin, a leading investor from the Venture Reality Fund in the U.S. and Phillip Steinfatt, co-founder of Germany’s VR-Nerds Solutions, as well as Mr. Shun Kubota, the editor-in-chief of Japan’s Mogura VR.

The speakers will give speeches about how to prepare before entering the global XR market, the next wave of XR opportunities, challenges from European markets and the XR developments taking place in Japan.

Guided by the National Development Council, XR EXPRESS TW is a government project executed by DigiSpace co-working space to promote and connect Taiwan’s XR industry to the international scene. In July, DigiSpace will hold the XR EXPRESS FESTIVAL, an exciting event that combines the XR Summer Summit and XR hackathon.

XR EXPRESS TW opens in the InnoVEX exhibition taking place June 6-8 at the Taiwan World Trade Center (TWTC) Hall 3, G0244.

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