Raining in Taipei? Here's Another 12 Things You Can Do

Raining in Taipei? Here's Another 12 Things You Can Do
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Inspiration for a rainy day in Taiwan's capital.

“Will this rain ever stop?”

It’s a question we’ve all found ourselves wondering in the midst of Taipei’s seemingly endless rainy days.

While you may not find yourself ever looking forward to a rainy day, you can make the most of them with this handy guide of 12 things to do when it rains in Taiwan's bustling capital.

This is the second part of a two-part series. Check out the first “Raining in Taipei” guide here, which features 12 more activities you can do when the downpour shows no sign of stopping.

Sit back with a cafe magazine

If you’ve been known to consider buying a magazine, only to scoff at the price, you need to book a date to visit Taipei’s “magazine cafes”, epitomized by Boven in Da'an District. Unlike typical cafes which only keep a couple of old magazines on display, magazine cafes have hundreds to thousands of the latest titles on topics like celebrity, design, entertainment and fashion. Look at this Google Map to find one nearby.

Head to an all-in-one activity center

E7 Play is one of those places you’ll wish you’d discovered earlier. Akin to a gaming paradise, you’ll be impressed how much they pack into one place. Think bowling alleys, arcade games galore, massage chairs, kids' play pens and more. A word of warning though, E7 is particularly busy on rainy days, so be prepared to wait for entry.

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Go shrimping

Fishing for your own shrimp to eat, or “shrimping”, is an activity which seems to divide Taipei’s expats. There’s one camp of people who think it’s a unique and entertaining experience, and another that thinks it’s boring and pointless. If you haven’t tried it before, why not see which camp you belong to? Find a shrimping venue here.

Test your smarts at an escape room

You may have heard your friends enthusiastically recount their escape room experiences, but did you know there’s an English-language venue for you to enjoy too? At Limitless Escape Room, near Gongguan MRT, you can test your ability to think clearly under pressure by working with your team to solve a variety of thrilling mind puzzles. If you need more convincing, Limitless has a rare 5-star average rating on its Facebook page.

Explore Taipei’s museums

Taipei is home to all manner of museums for your to explore. There’s traditional museums, like the ever-popular National Palace Museum, National Museum of History, and Ketagalan Culture Center. And then there’s the more niche museums, such as the Hotspring Museum, Postal Museum, and Miniatures Museum. Find a museum to explore with this guide of 10+ museums in Taipei.

Check out the latest tech gear at Guang Hua

Stretching over six stories, Guang Hua Digital Plaza is a tech lover’s dream. Boasting the title of Taiwan’s largest electronics marketplace, at Guang Hua, you’ll find every gadget imaginable all under the one roof. Pro tip: bring cash to avoid credit card fees at some stores. Learn more about visiting here.

Get fit in a sports center

Taipei’s public sports centers offer an inexpensive and convenient place to get your heart pumping. At most centers you can find multiple gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts, badminton courts, and more. Some centers even have archery facilities and rock climbing rooms. This Google map will help you find one near you.

Treat yourself to a massage

When you need to unwind, it’s hard to beat getting a massage. While in most countries, massages are considered a luxury, in Taiwan, they are generally reasonably priced. In addition to traditional massage parlors, you can also find “blind massage parlors” (massage parlors which are staffed by visually impaired people) around the city.

Experience Taiwan’s unique hair wash

While you’re in the mood for pampering, you may want to put aside some time to experience Taiwan’s famous hair wash. If you agree that the best part of a haircut is the complimentary massage, you’ll no doubt love this special massage and shampoo technique offered at many hair salons. Want to see what to expect? Watch this YouTube video for a glimpse.

Eat at Shilin Night Market’s underground food court

There’s nothing like the comfort of stuffing yourself silly when it’s cold and wet outside. When eating at home or a restaurant won’t do, venture down to Shilin Night Market’s underground food court. Shielded from the rain and overwhelming crowds of the main market, the underground area is your ticket to all the seafood, teppanyaki, dumplings, and oyster pancakes your stomach can handle.

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Warm up in a hot spring

Taiwan is blessed with bountiful hot springs throughout its lands, with a large concentration situated in Taipei’s Beitou district. There’s nothing like enjoying the warm embrace of a hot spring on a rainy day, so next time it’s raining, dip into one of Beitou’s public hot springs, or treat yourself to a private hot spring (and possibly a stay overnight in a hot spring hotel). Learn more about some notable hot springs here.

Enjoy some underground retail therapy

When you’re in need of a pick-me-up from the dreary weather, sometimes there’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy. But if the thought of maneuvering your umbrella and shopping bags turns you off, next time, make your way to the underground mall at Taipei Main Station. Stretching around 825 meters, Taipei Main Underground Mall is a shopper’s paradise, with store after store of clothes, books, gadgets, food, and more. Start planning your trip with this guide.

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